lunedì 27 gennaio 2014


They say to be good. They convince us that good always wins.
But life is just a tiny bit more complicated. It's never black or white. It's mostly always gray, gray up until the point in which the distinction between good and bad is blur.
I've been studying Schopenhauer, probably the most pessimistic philosopher I've encountered so far, and I believe his ideas are taken on a really extreme level but he's right about certain things like the fact we always want something, and when we get it we are only satisfied for a moment till the desire for something else takes over. If the human nature tends to selfishness and tends to use others for their own purposes, how do we find good? How can we be good? BLACK.
While at school I'm studying Mr. Kill-me-now, at home I've been watching Once Upon A Time, series based on fairy tales, in which no matter the difficulty, the pain or the danger, the good wins. And there's always time for the evil to become good, if they are really willing to change. WHITE.
I may sound deluded, but I'm always gonna be team white, I believe there is good in everyone (even in apparently hopeless subjects)..

I'm a red and fragile rose
Won't grow in the dark alone
Take me there cause I need to find the light

lunedì 13 gennaio 2014

Wait For A Minute

Lately I'm really pressured by my future. 
I've always been a "now" person, always thinking about the moment, and I still am but these days all I can think about is what I'm gonna be, where I'll end up, if i'm making the right choices. A part of me wanna know but where's the thrill in that? 
It's like watching a movie twice, no matter how much you love it, you know exactly how it ends and it's not the same as the first time.

Wait just a minute
Can you wait just a minute?

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