lunedì 9 dicembre 2013


There are people who had everything handed to them: their every wish was their parents' comand. And that's just their luck, but what I can't stand are those selfish people that consider themselves above everyone else.
Then, there are humble people.
And those are the ones I admire, those who go through hell, those who work their ass off just to elevate themselves from a situation they are not satisfied of. 
But I guess we're all free. Free to do what we want. To be who we want. Free to choose. Waste it or fulfill it. It's up to us.
I dedicate this post to a beautiful song of Rudimental feat. Emeli Sandé, Free.

Tryna find my place, some place
I drink a little more than recommended
This world ain’t exactly what my heart expected

See, whoa, c’est la vie
Maybe something’s wrong with me
But, whoa, at least I am free, I am free

Stockings // CALZEDONIA
Low-cut boots // TOMMY HILFIGER
Headband // CLAIRE'S

-Coreena x
Ps. This is my last photoshoot with such long hair, I've got a new haircut! Stay tune for more.


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