giovedì 29 agosto 2013

We Can't Stop

At school they don't teach you how much life gets tough, how hard everything gets and how to actually get through it step-by-step. But it does gives you the opportunity to meet great people. That's where I met my bestfriends, exactly 4 years ago and it's to them I dedicate this post. They're the ones who told me to continue updating my blog and not to give up.

Friends, I mean our real friends, are not all those we hang out with. They are the ones who make us a better person, who we can count on anytime, who we can talk about absolutely anything and most importantly with whom we can be our-real-fun-wild-self!

Oh, and three things.
Distance is not strong enough to break things like a true friendship.
And to be old and wise, you must first have to be young & stupid! 
Yeah, I watched the VMAs. Miley did her twerking and I don't hate her, even Justin Timberlake, Rolling Stone and Adam Lambert defended her.

If you're not ready to go home,
can I get a hell no?
Cause we gonna go all night
Till we see the sunlight alright!


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