giovedì 21 marzo 2013


Hmm, I haven't posted anything for nearly two months! The main reason is cause it has been so freaking cold here and when it's cold, I get lazy. Then lately I just can't think straight, I keep losing my train of thought and I can't concentrate on anything I try to do (no, i'm not high!). I convince myself the whole day I'm going to study, but I end up procrastinating. That bad patch is over and I'll make up for the lost time.

In Italy we have these so-called "stage", during which you get to see the daily routine of a job you wish to pursuit. Of course none of what my school had to offer concerned fashion. So as my teacher suggested, I searched on my own. After a week of unsuccessful enquiries, a friend's friend who was in the fashion business told me it's very hard to find stylists, journalists or photographers willing to do assist me and usually I have to have relatives in the area.. and lots of connections. I have neither but this is what I want, and I'll do everything to be in the fashion world.

How about you? What is fashion for you? A hobby or something more?

Lazy procrastinator x

The world spit me out & now we're spinning around
lost in a free fall

Forever going down, and breakin' through the ground
When I thought I reached the end, I start to fall again


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