venerdì 28 dicembre 2012

Last outfit of 2012

Hey everyone! I haven't been very active lately, just really busy.. And I'm even going away with friends from December 30 to January 4 so I thought of posting one last look for 2012. It has been a great year, full of unforgettable memories and experiences. I just needed to say thanks to all of those who made my 2012 AMAZING! 

Do you have any special plans? 
Are you going to be with friends or with your family?
Do you already know your New Year's resolution(s)? ;D

Oh and yayy! I have 100 followers :3 so happy!

Boots // CINTI
Jeans // CRISSA
Beanie // TANK
Matching bracelet & necklace // christmas gift
Pink Lipstick // SEPHORA

-Coreena xx

lunedì 10 dicembre 2012

Rest of my life

We all have those days when we feel so powerful that we think we can do anything, achieve whatever goal, reach whatever dream. And then those days when we feel the exact opposite. We feel a bit blue, or stuck. So fragile and insecure. But we should always feel good and positive about ourselves, our future, and our days! We only live once (WOLO? ahah), people will judge whatever we do anyways cause we're not following the society, we're being ourselves, and not being a conformist. Be true to who you are. The only thing that matters is that you're happy. Happy with what you do, who you are with, satisfied with how you're facing life. 

shine bright like a diamond

Sometimes I gotta close my eyes just to open my soul.

 If I got one life to live, Imma party till I'm dead
What the hell is a life worth living if it's not on the edge
Trying to keep my balance, I'm twisted so just in case I fall

 I'm stuck in this moment, freeze the hands of time
Cause I feel inner peace when I'm out of my mind

Boots // PROMOD
Dress // TWIN-SET
Cardigan // HOLLISTER

Have I been listening too many times to "Rest Of My Life" of Ludacris feat. Usher, David Guetta?
Probably, but we should all always remember we REALLY can do anything.

-Coreena xx

sabato 8 dicembre 2012

Christmas in Milan

The other day I went around Milan and it's even more beautiful during Christmas!

 This is in Piazza del Duomo. One of the biggest Christmas trees in the world. It's usually taller and thinner. WITH WHITE LIGHTS. But it's still beautiful. And I love those red ribbons!

While yesterday I was in Rho, Milan for "la fiera dell'artigianato" (or l'artigiano in fiera), an International crafts selling exhibition. They do it every year in the first week of December! 
It's divided in three main sections: Italy, Europe & Countries of the world. And each one of them is divided in many other countries. In the case of Italy, in other regions. Each country/region has different stands, and restaurants & bars with their specialties. They had paella in Spain, Chinese food in China (uhmm, duh! ahah), beer in Germany, pubs in Ireland.. It's very interesting and really worth your time. 
Two problems though: 
  • IT'S SUPERCROWDED. Like loaded, FULL, absolutely PACKED OF PEOPLE. It's really hard to walk straight without bumping into somebody.
  • EVERYTHING COSTS LIKE A FREAKING FORTUNE. A bottle of water in "Germany" was 2 euros. A slice of pizza in "Sicily" was 3 euros.
So next year I have to absolutely remember to bring my own bottle of water!

(It snowed yesterday in Milan, so today I'm definitely going out and taking pictures with my outfit that I'll probably post tomorrow!)


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